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Ink & Toner Submission Form

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You can sell to us the following items

  • Toner and Ink Cartridges

  • Toner Bottles and Ink Tanks

  • Drums and Drum Cartridges

  • Fusers and Maintenance Kits

  • Solid and Wax Ink Sticks

  • Developers, Fuser Oil and Waste Containers

All items offered must be

  • New and unused

  • In the original manufacturer box

  • Factory Sealed

  • Genuine OEM product from any of the brands mentioned below.

  • Shipped together as boxed packages of up to 30kg

Items we do not buy

  • Empty or Partially Used products

  • Items that are 2 years past expire date

  • Used IT equipment, computers or parts

  • Submissions without clear list description

  • Generic, compatible or refilled products

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