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We buy surplus Xerox consumables

We pay top dollar for Altalink, Brenva, Colorqube, Docucolor, DocuTech, iGen, Impika, Iridesse, Nuvera, Phaser, Rialto, Trivor, Versalink, Versant, and Workcentre.

We do not take "eClick" and PagePack metered supplies. Those are the property of Xerox and should be returned directly to them.

With respect to holograms, there are some items we can take without them and some we can't. Please ask your relationship manager.

We buy copy cartridges, developer, fuser agent, toner, photoreceptors and pr belts. 


If you can supply us with good prices for gray market imports on products we can sell into USA and Europe, we can take large quantities of toner and maintenance kits regularly. We can arrange shipping from anywhere on the globe.

We buy EU as well as North American and Latin American Xerox. On other regions we can take some models, please ask your buyer. If you can take Asia or Middle East Xerox, please get in touch as we often get deals but don't have the sales outlets to bid them competitively.

​We pay top pricing for genuine surplus Xerox supplies. We have been buying since Xerox bought Tektronix and still have some outlets for those older models.

We are looking for customers who can take older genuine Xerox and supplies, especially fusers. We export all over the world from our two distribution facilities in USA, please get in touch and tell us what you're looking for so we can let you know the next time a deal for you comes along. We can arrange logistics to your port or door via ocean or air cargo, or can ship to your forwarder. We specialize in export paperwork processing.

We can pay as high as 70% of current distribution price for current products in nice packaging and are buying in volume today across North America and Europe.

How do we pay so much for obsolete toner?

We research the toner powder formulations to learn which supplies can be repurposed to fit another machine. This keeps the product out of the landfill, keeps old machines working longer so they don't have to be replaced, and saves our customer money. We sell items with damaged packaging to recyclers who sell it as remanufactured. We know how to change the chips to make a Samsung work in a Dell and vice-versa. Win-win-win.

Our customers keep old machines running longer, making them competitive while saving the environment. We value our partners in Mexico, India, Turkey, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Poland, Russia, and the 52 other countries Impro sells to every year.

By selling your old toner to Impro, you're accessing a global printing network 20 years in the making. Send us a list today to find out how much your surplus toner is worth.

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